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happy face looking at Coach outlet

Just what a head case, a fool can understand, Xue Mei did not say it, happy face looking at Coach outlet.

"You just said that sentence is true thing ! "

Coach outlet Hey smile, " which words Yeah ! "

"Well, too lazy to care about you ." Xue Mei hum of discontent , he tried to turn around, but Coach outlet suddenly a muzzle her generous lips down immediately printed up until and supple , sweet lips that phase.

Xue Mei is this sudden kiss attacks the body flew out of her like an electric shock , a slight flutter flutter , there is a little struggle, but soon calmed down, closed his eyes , the body like no strength , half- collapsed Coach outlet arms.

Coach outlet now is the time energetic , not to mention the arms hug or a great beauty school beauty prettily levels , the lower abdomen below the column immediately raised the dyke , the mouth is not Anfen up, gently pry the two lips, slowly probe into it , only to find the entrance warm, sweet and smooth .

Xue Mei hands tightly hoop Coach outlet neck, let the king adopted a plant looks like. Coach outlet while allowing jade sucking sweet juice , while the big hands restless walk with their backs jade until plump round quite Alice slipped into place .

Xue Mei hips very soft , Coach outlet love the kneading together before suddenly flush on her face would have been all over it.

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Coach outlet thought this phrase finally speak out

" Minister Li ." Two voices sounded coincidentally , is knocking back school Xue Mei , Li Meili at this time and both of them looked at each other puzzled froze in place .

Coach outlet suddenly embarrassed to pull ! Did not know what to say well, better walk up and helpless .

"Beautiful , snow beauty she is now my girlfriend ." Coach outlet thought this phrase finally speak out, after all, still some things to say to understand better.

Li Meili not believe Coach outlet looked and looked Xue Mei , his anger visible.

"The school promotes students do not fall in love , how you can be so, why not tell me ." Li Meili Resentment glared Coach outlet, Wang Xing looked on , a hesitant look.

Xue Mei did not think Coach outlet dare the headmaster 's face , to say the phrase to himself , lengleleng , then his face covered with a happy expression.

" Minister Li , schools , though not encouraged, but it does not expressly oppose , but I also know how important school is not affected ." Xue United States also spoke.

Li Meili did not say anything , just stared fiercely Coach outlet after one, flew for the door and ran out.

Coach outlet does not go out to chase out, but quickly opening on the side of Wang Xing , " A Star chase you down pretty quickly , now is the chance ."

After Wang Xing nodded, immediately chased out .

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Coach outlet and even leeks have a lot

" Oh ." Li Meili could not immediately Puchi laugh.

Then, Li Meili carrying piles of dishes into the kitchen , what pork, fish, ah ! Ribs and the like,Coach outlet and even leeks have a lot, everyone knows this stuff to eat more, there will be somewhere on the role of men , so much to do , this is not obvious temptation to it!

" Cannon brother , since if there is anything really remember my place despite commanded , although my skill is a point of difference , but somehow also scout came against two or three people is not a problem ." Wang Xing suddenly came over a face solemnly said.

Coach outlet smiled , staring at him , "You do not bother, not afraid to hurt it! I have become like this, maybe you would have if it were lying in the hospital ."

" To the brothers , through anything , without any hesitation , of course, try not to plug the well, ha ha ." Wang Xing Hey laughing.

" I stuck , well, wait for the next meal to go with me a cut people ." Coach outlet laughed.

Coach horse boss eyes wide open , "the meal on the go! Our meal , others did not know what to eat for dinner , gotta let others eat the rice it ! But how you say cannon brother , brothers how do okay ! "

"Ha ha ." Two people spontaneously laughed.

About nearly an hour later, the table top filled with hearty meals , color , flavor and taste , Coach outlet really did not think Li Meili even with such a good cook , in three upcoming Dayton tongue enjoy a hearty dinner , knock on the door , Li Meili up towards the door .

"You ."

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Coach factory outlet connected to the phone

Coach factory outlet connected to the phone , the other end immediately came Lee beautiful voice.

" Second Artillery Yeah ! I've come up, Wang Xing, come with me one , I also bought a dish , and so the two of you together will try my craft ."

" Wang Xing one coming to! That you quickly come on ! " Heard Wang Xing also come along , Coach outlet indescribably happy , then how deflowered also fail to get him.

Immediately to put on the pants , bare upper body altogether forget , this comfortable spot , because of the above but also several places gauze wrapped around it.

The door opened, and Wang Xing Li Meili has gone to the door, today's Li Meili hint of a prime makeup, dressed in a professional women , the plump figure touches the hook exposed glance.

" Come quick !" Coach outlet greeting , but Li Meili and Wang Xing both stared, eyes wide open looking at the Coach outlet wounds .

" Second Artillery Corps , how you hurt it! Still hurt when the alarm did not ." Lee beautiful face fear of color, several consecutive asked out why.

" Cannon brother, you can not tell me yesterday to end a drug organization , or destroy a gang Yeah ! Let you by so many injuries , evidently happened relatively big ah ! " Wang Xing opening look surprised Italy .

Coach outlet smiled and said , "I'm not Superman, right to end a drug dealer organizations , destroy a gang doing ! Powerless fed propped . Merely point it might look so handsome ! Go on the road by a group of people really do not see the last hit of it. "

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